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  • Some great listing tips.
    Great quality photos and descriptions are key to getting your items noticed. Here’s a few simple things to keep in mind when listing your items for sale, rent or swap. What photos should I upload? Having lots of great quality photos will attract attention and help your items move faster. Keep these simple tips in mind when adding photos to your listing: First Pic, Full View: show the entire item in the first picture – avoid collages. Use your own pictures: don’t use stock images, pictures you find online or watermarks. They will not accurately depict the true condition of the item. Capture the true colours: Choose pictures taken in natural daylight, and don’t use flash or filters. Reveal different angles: Take photos of the item from multiple angles Close-up of important features: Attach close-up photos of important features that aren’t visible in other photos. This could include labels, sticking, brands or the like. Show the defects: Show the item’s defects in the pictures (if they exist). It’s important to be open and transparent about the true condition of the item you are selling to avoid buyer disappointment. Describing an item Including a detailed description of your item will make your listing more appealing to the viewer. A detailed Product Title also makes it easier for viewers to find items when searching through the Wardrobe. Follow these simple tips to increase your chances of selling faster: Descriptive Title: Include specific items such as it brand, colour, type of unique features in the title. Avoid using wording that doesn’t show how your item differentiates from the rest. For example: DO USE: Vintage Black mid-length Leather Coat AVOID: Good Quality Coat / Very Nice Coat Detailed Description: The best descriptions provide detailed and accurate information about an item. If you were buying an item, what would you want to know about it? Remember to include things such as: Measurements Material Item’s alterations Any damage or flaws, e.g., marks, stains, tears, spots pilling, fraying etc. (remember to include a photo of these areas for your buyers). Quality rating – refer to our quality guide.
  • Welcome to Populace Threads
    Our mission at Populace Threads is to create a community of likeminded individuals and organisations that through collective action change the nature of how we shop for fashion. We truly believe that fashion might be what you wear, but style is how you wear it - and being stylish is infinitely more fun than being fashionable! We are building Populace Threads so that there is a single platform that makes it easier for you to clean out your wardrobe and shop in other people's wardrobes, all while doing good things for the planet.
  • Do I need to set up an account to use the Populace Threads platform?
    You can have a browse through the entire platform and wardrobe without setting up a user account, but if you wish to buy, sell, share or rent as a customer of a vendor you will need to create a Populace Threads User Account.
  • Adding your payment details and completing your profile.
    Once your Account is created you will want to update your Profile information to include a little more detail about you including: - Profile information such as your display name, store name, location, and perhaps a photo or image that represents you. - Maybe best to add a video here........
  • Creating your Populace Threads Account.
    To create a Populace Threads User Account please follow these steps: Select 'Wardrobe' from the page menu at the top right hand side of the page. This will take you to the Populace Threads wardrobe where you can browse all current listings. At the top right of the Wardrobe page, you will see 'Sign Up', Log In', and '+Post a New Listing'. Select 'Sign Up' to be taken to the New Account Creation form. If you select, '+Post a New Listing', you will also be asked to either create a new Account of login to an existing Account. On the Account Creation form, enter the requested details to create your Account. You will be sent an email to confirm your email address and once confirmed, your Account will be set up.
  • Does it cost anything to set up an Account and start selling, renting and sharing clothes on Populace Threads.
    No it doesn't. It's completely free. If you want to buy, sell, share or rent as a vendor or a customer on the Populace Threads platform you will need a Populace Threads user account.
  • What does Populace Threads charge?
    When you sell, share or rent an item, Populace Threads will automatically charge a 15% service fee on each payment that is made through the Populace Threads platform.
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