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Become a Populace Threads Influencer

Help us create a world beyond next season.

Are you a social media influencer with a passion for creating a world beyond next season?

 Help us to grow the Populace Threads community by becoming one of our social media ambassadors

Populace Threads is passionate about building a community of like minded people who share our desire to achieve sustainability through circular fashion.
What started with a dream to reshape the fashion industry and change consumers’ shopping habits, has now transformed into the platform you see before you, and we need your help to build the momentum.
All you need to do is promote the Populace Threads swap, sell, shop platform across your social media. Tag @PopulaceThreads, and include our three campaign hashtags: #populacethreads, #populacewardrobe, #ResaleisthenewRetail.

create a better environment

support a sustainable brand

be rewarded for your efforts with $

lead change and reduce landfill

form deeper connection with your followers with shared passions

We are looking for social media influencers who share our values to feature yourself in a social media post using the Populace Threads shop, swap or sell model and explain to your followers how simple it is to use.


“For a World Beyond Next Season”


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